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Why Invest?

Investing in rental properties has proven to create wealth for those that take the initiative and make the decision to invest.  What’s nice about investing in turn-key cash flow properties is that you are investing in an asset that is a fundamental necessity of life.  People will always need a home and will always rent or own a property. Unlike stocks and bonds, real estate is a tangible asset– it cannot disappear overnight like the potential stock value of a company. The benefit of a cash flowing rental property is that it acts almost as a stock that pays you a dividend.  However, unlike Stocks, real estate dividends are paid monthly from the rental income rather than quarterly or semi-annually.  Additionally with Cash flow properties is you have an asset that historically appreciates, thus creating wealth for yourself and your family.


Why elite?

For many years Elite Invest, LLC and its partners have been providing turn-key cash flow properties to investors all over the world. We specialize in creating passive income investment opportunities and do so by seeking out properties that have great fundamentals for cash flow in opportune areas.   We pride ourselves on being very strategic in our acquisition approach and consistently seeking out ways to minimize risk and maximize income for our buyers. Many of our properties are multifamily residential properties (2-4 units) and provide multiple units of income, which is a much greater way to hedge risk during any vacancy period. Elite Invest is vertically integrated and we own and operate the investment, construction and property management companies for maximum efficiencies and accountability. Through economies of scale and efficient processes and procedures we try to make everything as seamless as possible so that our buyers can enjoy their cash flow and leave the property management to us.